G&R Construction, Quincy, MA Has made its mark on Massachusetts constructing an impressive number of buildings where thousands of people work each day, from Fire Stations, Police Headquarters, Schools, Town Halls, Libraries, and Commercial Buildings, to Historic Renovations and Solar Farms.

Scope of work
G&R Construction asked DuVoisin Design to help them rebrand to better show the quality and diversity of the work they do. The branding program would be a multi year project


 "You're like David Ortiz, another home run
  great photos, you really make us look good."
            Robert J. Morel
            President, G&R Construction

 Web Site >
Was designed to show off their extensive completed projects, be mobile friendly, and allow potential clients to see who they would be working with.

Logo redesign
Their logo needed to read on construction helmets, equipment, signage, and under some extreme conditions. They really wanted to update their existing logo but keep the connection with their original logo.

DSC 6144eWorkers72


We started a program to capture all their new projects as they are built and begin to archive their work.

When the web work was first completed there was concern that the company was so far down in the search listings that it was almost impossible to find them. Within a short time they moved up to the fist page with a significant amount of listtings.