It’s not often that a client quote summarizes the entire project…

PINTlobby"When my law firm partner of eighteen years suddenly passed away, I immediately saw that the business was at a crossroads. I recognized that these circumstances had presented an opportunity to move forward in a new direction. I consulted with Jean DuVoisin of DuVoisin Design. This proved to be a truly fortuitous decision.

Jean’s preliminary work centered around an analysis of the previous success of the business, its strengths, and advantages when compared against the competition. Next, he designed a comprehensive marketing and rebranding program that included a new name, logo, tag line, and letterhead along with a coordination of all of the other ancillary marketing collateral necessary to achieve my goals.

Jean is a pleasure to work with. His soft-spoken comportment conceals a brilliance that is revealed as the creative process unfolds, yielding the ultimate design product, demonstrating his years of experience.

My ‘new’ firm has now launched, PINTA Law Group, llc and in just a short period of time, we have received a multitude of accolades and positive feedback in regard to its new image. This success is a direct result of Jean’s talent and his implementation of the vision that he created and designed."

Thank you, Jean; I am forever in your debt!

Bradley C. Pinta, Esq.